AC Market v4.8.2

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AC Market v4.8.2 Download – ACMarket is one of the coolest free app stores online right now. It plays a vital role as an alternative to both google playstore and apple store as well. In addition, another striking feature of AC Market is the ample availability of modded and patched apps and games.

ac market v4.8.2

Here you find premium versions of the free apps and games you download from the Google Play Store. Thus, you don’t need to pay tons of money to go pro on an app you love. AC Market is a resource haven full of modified, tweaked, patched, pre-activated, fixed, customized, reverse engineered content such as apps, games and books, all completely free.

AC Market v4.8.2 Download

acmarket download apk

AC Market is not just a haphazardly built online app store without any organization. It is well structured and offers a user-friendly interface: you can navigate and sort your favorite apps and games without hassle. Simplicity is redefined in AC Market, and in contrast to other weary app stores, AC Market delivers you the best experience.

What’s more? AC Market works out a few ads only. Unlike the so-called free app stores agonizing and vexing you with a torrent of ads, AC Market pops up such content unobtrusively to you. No more pains from ads and awful content.

You do not need to worry about any hidden charges for extra features. You need not pay for features which you don’t even use sometimes. All the Modded, Premium Patched apps and games are cost-free. AC Market provides timely updates and the developers together with an enthusiastic user community contribute to the regular optimizations of the app.

The feedback system in AC Market promotes constructive criticism. Feel free to praise or criticize AC Market because your feedback is always valued. There is no regional censorship that denies you access to the open to users worldwide.

Although AC Market is free, you do not suffer limitations of download speeds. AC Market gives you optimal servers to download all your favorites. Never hesitate to download any app or game. You may doubt the security of this app store because it contains mods, patched and altered apps and games, but the relief is to know that all such content is closely monitored by the AC Market security team when they are published in the platform. AC Market is not like some random site with a lot of patched and modded programs without any guarantee. You only get secure and healthy files that can’t do any harm.

AC Market v4.8.2 Latest Features

The latest version of the AC Market is the 4.8.2 release. This update comes with some important changes and enhancements. As usual update states more games and more friends.  Each update brings the best of games and things get reshuffled. If you are already a user of this wonderful appstore you will be able to grasp some of the changes at once. In the current update,4 key areas have been focused on. They are:

  1. Topic function online
  2. Communicate with friends all over the world
  3. The free download requires your support
  4. Many minor bugs have been solved.

The ones who are already using the AC Market may have downloaded and installed it. You can simply click on this update prompt itself to download the update or visit Settings in the app to do it.

How to use AC Market Latest version ?

After updating AC Market you may launch it to see the differences. There appears to be a template change and obvious restructuring and renewal of texts and icons. You get three main pages with buttons such as CAKE, TOPIC, and BONUS. Under the Cake button, you get the home page. The home page contains 5 major clickable sections. These 5 clickable sections are: first, a pane with moving tabs indicating who are socially active in AC Market.

These tabs indicate the comment activity of the users of the AC Market. They show the names of the people who are engaged in commenting and their nationalities as well. This feature looks cool and certainly more attractive than any other app store. Other sections of the home page include a panel for Mods, a panel for Games, and finally a Panel for books. Please refer to our other posts to know what these panels contain.

The topic function is the latest and the hottest addition to the AC Market v4.8.2. This function enables you to post your ideas on a particular game or app. Opinions related to both games and apps can be found on this page. If you wish to convey your opinion on such products you can select a particular product; either game or app, and use the compose button located right below to type your content.

There is a search bar that comes with this function which you can use to browse a game in the store and then select it to create your post. The best part is not just posting your ideas, all other users can see the post and share their ideas in the comment section beneath the post. A like button is also available to express the approval. At the top of this page, you get three more buttons with labels such as Google Playlist, Apple Store List, I want (Pick what you like). These buttons open to a ranking list that you can vote for. These votes decide which games are added to the system.

WIN $500 -$2000 Playing Games from here

The next button is the one labeled bonus and here you can play free games and win real money. You are given a chance to earn. There are opportunities to earn big from such games. For example, there are virtual scratch cards you can use to earn money, these cards comprise values ranging from $1 up to $300.  Apart from that, there are raffle draws with big prizes.

To enter these raffles, you have to watch video ads and earn tickets. They can be placed in the raffles to win money. 1 ticket equals 5000 tokens. Tokens can be collected and you get a ticket when you have enough tokens. It is like Tokens=Tickets=Raffle=Chances to win. These raffles range from $500-$2000. The winner is randomly chosen and announced daily at 2 h pm PST. There is also a statistics option on the BONUS page which records information of winners.

You can find this function on the top right corner of the page. So, what happens if you win $2000?. The Prize money is added to your cash balance of the AC Market and then you can redeem the money to PayPal. You have to maintain a PayPal account for all transactions with AC Market as it is the only payment method currently in the platform.


The latest AC Market update has certainly revolutionized the experience of an app store. This has been achieved by adding new exciting features like social interaction and opportunities to win money.

You don’t need to pay money to win raffles, you only have to earn tickets by watching ads. You have plenty of chances to win money and if you are lucky you can earn big, like $2000! No other free app store seems to be this versatile. These features have attracted a huge number of people to AC Market. It is a platform that conquers new terrains every day. AC Market and its developers deserve success as they have established the market’s foundation very well.

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