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When you hear the combination of three words: Island, Magic, and Puzzles you know it will conjure the ultimate fantasy. Design Island: Dreamscapes is all about quenching your unfulfilled island fantasy. This is a top-ranking Match – 3 game in more than 100 countries! Be wherever you are and do extreme makeovers by yourself. If you have a knack of designing stuff then this game is for you. Don’t worry if you have no such skills the game will teach you along the way.

Design Island unfolds a deserted piece of land that you can convert to a heavenly paradise. You are the architect of your dream island, and to reach your fantasies you have a magic design helper by your side. Iris is the design helper who will let you realize your fantasy island goals. You will come across new friends along the journey and they will need your help. They all contribute to transforming the abandoned island estate to a heavenly paradise in some way or another. Be their patron and you have loads of fun.

AC Market Download for Android Mobiles & Tabs

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Thinking how to do all the above? The answer is simple, all you need to do is to solve puzzles, or do some matching to get rewards. These rewards can be money or lives to be used in the game. Thenuse these rewards to build your dream island paradise whilst getting the support of Iris: your design helper.You must use your artistic sensibility to decorate and design various locations in the game.

As you progress you can unlock new rooms, furniture, and equipment. Playing Design Island is a chance to show off your interior design skills.You can design rooms with stunning 3d graphics just by clicking the options in the design menu. Matching the puzzles will generate money and unlock the content. When you complete a particular scenario you can advance to the next one. You have to play through all the design island episodes to conclude.

Gameplay Screenshots

design island gameplay

Dazzling Design Adventure

The focus of attention in the game is a huge and beautiful mansion. It is all yours to renovate and decorate. The gameplay is handled by you through Iris. Design Island brings the best matching puzzles where you need to perform pattern matches and object matches. Puzzles are the driving force of the Design Island dreamscape and they contribute to the progress of completing your design journey. With this game, you can create a manor café, a home escape, and a garden escape. Further, you can play with pet animals.

Game Features

Your own island villa

Support Iris to reform your villa and nourish it with a magnificent 3d home design makeover, replenish the old constructions and fill it with beautiful furniture.

Unique Boosters

Match pieces to create special powerful boosters in this fun match 3 puzzle game.

Different Rooms

DesignIsland presents you with a variety of rooms ranging from a farmhouse kitchen, a tropical garden, even something exotic like a cat cafe. Design Island has numerous 3d locations for you to own.

Competitive Levels

If you think this game is easy, then, you don’t know its scope. You get thousands of match-3 levels to engage in challenging scenarios. If you love challenges then the game perfectly suits you.

Play with your pals

You can connect with a team to share the thrill of design. Join a team to double the fun.

Meet Your Neighbors

The island is filled with a lot of vivid characters, they are all waiting to meet you and greet you. You can uncover their hidden stories and discover hidden objects as you help all the inhabitants.

Fun for all levels

No matter what your level is, you are sure to find the best match for you. These levels are positioned in a spectrum of super easy to extremely hard.

Travel around the world

You do not need to be limited only to the confines of the island, you can travel around the world.  You can display your interior design skills beyond the boundaries of the island. Where you go depends on the extent of your design skills.

Play Anywhere 

Design Island is free to play and available online or offline. Play this exciting match- 3 game anywhere.

Gameplay tips

  • Since you get limited turns, it is better to plan your strategy first! Take a look at the target on the left side of the board. Accomplishing that goal is the key to winning!
  • Don’t hesitate to use power-ups (such as Missiles) and boosters(such as Hammers) to clear a lot of pieces at once.
  • Try to eliminate pieces on the bottom of the board as much as possible. You may create a great combo as the pieces fall.
  • There are clues in the game that indicates how you can match certain pieces, but it is recommended to make your own moves.
  • The count of rewards depends on the count of moves you have left when you clear the level.


Design Island dreamscapes are one of the best design games that provide you virtual locations to showcase your design talents. It also tests your capacity to match objects according to patterns. Solving puzzles make you rich with coins and magic. You can use such assets to build your dream island. The controls are so easy to manipulate and you only need to exhaust your brain sometimes.

The puzzles in the game will boost your memory and creativity while the design sessions will test your artistic wits. Playing this game & candy crush saga like puzzles game will reduce your stress and cheer you up, especially if you are stuck at work. Design Island dreamscapes can be addictive once you find the rhythm. That is because the game provides a countless variety of design locations and situations, complemented with a lot of attractive objects like furniture.

Converting the abandoned mansion into a premise of attraction is your first goal. The more you finish tasks and accomplish goals will increase your chance of exploring even beyond the island. So Design Island dreamscapes are a perfect treat to your fantasy fueled imagination. AC Market presents a modded version of Design Island Dreamscapes. This mod is developed to increase gold coins and stars once they become available to users. Find the download link for the modded Design Island Dreamscapes below.

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