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FilmoraGo – You don’t need to be a professional to use a video editor app these days. More people are into editing their self-captured images and videos because they want to post such content online. To be specific, social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and WhatsApp so on, and so forth. You will see congestion of videos and images on such social media sites, and they look pretty professional too. These materials originate from ordinary users who are not proficient in either image or video editing.


How is it possible then that you come across gorgeous visual created by the same multitude of users? The secret lies in the apps they use to edit, customize, and personalize such visuals. These editor apps, which are so profuse online, are simplified versions of complicated software used by the professionals. Developers tend to keep simplicity as the point of focus in developing such versions. User-friendly interface incorporated with easy editing functions is the most sought facility of these apps. Here we are writing about the FilmoraGo editor app which is recommended by many to be a convenient editing utility.

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What is FilmoraGo?

FilmoraGo presents as a powerful video editor utility that lets you create videos without putting stamps or watermarks on them. Unlike some programs that tend to place a time limit on the clip, FilmoraGo frees you from such constraints. It is equipped with plenty of creative and effective tools to deliver you the best video editing experience. With FilmoraGo, you can combine music and videos the way you love and produce your unique taste of art.

Now you do not need to be a master of editing to create an awesome clip full of memories. With simple tools, you can cut, crop, trim, voiceover, filter, rotate, duplicate, overlay, add themes, and transitions to your visual content. Whatever you create using these functions it is possible to share them on any social media platform. Of course, you do not create videos for yourself most of the time and we know you love to share them among your friends.

What is special in FilmoraGo?

It is not hard to work with the FilmoraGo app. knowing a few moves on video editing will be enough. It is compatible with the skills of both Professionals and Amateurs as the app can effectively relate to the person who is using it. You can grasp the scope of this app in three simple steps. First of all, you need to select; you have to choose videos from gallery, albums, Facebook, Instagram, or any source. The FilmoraGo app is well structured and organized in terms of interface and you can easily recognize without confusion. The categorization of videos in the acmarket FilmoraGo app according to their origins will save your time and effort. Secondly, you come to the creation stage where you edit your chosen video.

You may apply a fitting theme, add your favorite music, filters, Titles, and even Transitions. Performing all these may sound difficult but the fact is when you use the FilmoraGo app you can do them with few taps and slides on the screen. To repeat, the app has been developed to comply with simplicity and it strives to get rid of complexity. The final stage is the height of fun; sharing is caring and the video is all yours to post anywhere. The process is instant and you can share on multiple social media platforms.With all the brilliant editing, your family and friends will be delighted to see your creations.

FilmoraGo Key Features

Certain features of the app can be identified as remarkable, especially, if considered how they translate to the end product you create. With FilmoraGo, you can consider you have a fully-featured portable video studio right in your pocket. It is a virtual video studio in better terms. You will consider the blending and fusion of images and videos as a key feature you can’t ignore in the app. FilmoraGo fine-tuned to mix content in a very flexible manner in contrast to some other similar apps.

filmoraGo features

Importing videos and photos for processing is simple as you get labeled categories. Thus you can locate files within seconds. FilmoraGo includes a preview facility that lets you be thorough with your end product. The app not only identifies local videos such as the ones in your internal memory or the external memory but also identifies videos from all social media sites. The convenience of access is a recurring quality of this platform.

Attractive templates and effects in this app can be applied to your videos with a touch. FilmoraGo comprises stylish themes that you can use in creating your videos. Music tracks can be seamlessly integrated into your videos without any audio deterioration. Find the perfect soundtrack to go with lip-syncing. You can add music from FilmoraGo’s libraryof licensed songs and you can also use ones from your own device. Resolution is another factor that determines the quality of your editing. If you disregard resolution you will mess up your video, no matter how good all other aspects are. FilmoraGo is designed to fit popular Ratios such as Square (most popular 1:1 for Instagram) and Cinema (Classic 16:9 for YouTube)

Multi-functional Video Editor

What if there is a fantastic way to create a reverse video. With FilmoraGo you can create a video that plays in a reverse manner. You will feel it like a magic trick but all credits go to the app. You can achieve dynamics in the pace of videos too. You can make the video slow down or speed up: create multiple fast or slow motions in the same video! Fascinating right? FilmoraGo has all the essential tools and charms to amaze you with a few simple touches. Transitions are yet another indelible part of editing. If some video editor lacks transitions then it cannot be counted as a comprehensive program.

In FilmoraGo you have access to all types of transitions. You can apply classic transitions like dissolve, wipe, split, shutter, and zoom out to combine multiple pictures and videos seamlessly. The overlays and filters are also available to stun your friends with immersive movie effects produced from your videos and photos. Fully operative Texts and Titles star as another catchy attribute. You can produce beautiful animated messages with the support of FilmoraGo texts and titles library.

The best thing is you can alter everything the way you choose. For example, you can personalize or customize the color, size, font, and position. Additionally, you can change the motion and timeline of the title, and even incorporate multiple titles as you wish. The elements allow you to advance to the next level with impressive still and motion graphics. Another commendable function is the preview which can be instantly done in the WYSIWYG way.

Professionalism Simplified

Having a simplified interface and easy-to-use tools does not mean the app lacks professionalism. The reason is the effects created by FilmoraGo app are by no means unprofessional. If you use it for once you will know that the app is different from others. You can get all professional editing tools in the app like reverse play, trim by duration, Slow/Fast motion editor, Duplicate, Mute Rotate, Delete, etc.

In-App Effects Store

FilmoraGo app has its own store so you can access it while you work inside it. If you suddenly get an idea of some effect but you can find it in the available ones you can visit this store. You can free download new effects, including filter, overlay, and element. You can share to download featured effects. Moreover, there are purchasable items you can try if interested.

Save and Share

You can export HD videos to your gallery at any time and share your artistic creations to Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, WhatsApp, Vimeo, Tumblr, and Email.

International Language Support

FilmoraGo is a versatile app that delivers service in multiple languages. It supports International Languages. They include English, German, Italian, Turkish, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, French, and Chinese.


It is clear from all the abovedetailed information what kind of app FilmoraGo is. It is a perfect example of simplicity in professionalism. It is flexible for both advanced and elementary users. It claims many effects that can be applied to your clips creatively. AC Market presents the premium version of FilmoraGo apk which comes with all options unlocked. You don’t need to purchase anything when you install this mod app. It is free from advertisements and you have no restrictions. Click below to download this wonderful video editor app.

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