Hungry Shark Evolution

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Hungry Shark Evolution is the 5th installment of Hungry Shark series released on the 18th of October,2012, created by Future Games of London(FGOL). The name of this game itself hints at what kind of play you will have to expect. Ubisoft delivers this deep-sea underwater adventure with a great deal of exciting aquatic characters and mesmerizing oceanic settings.

Hungry Shark Evolution

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You are the hungry shark in this game and it is your role to feast on other creatures while exploring many exotic territories in the deep sea. You also get a chance to swim on the surface of the sea and sometimes move on the land attacking humans and constructions. Like a hungry shark, you must gobble up edible prey and also you need to avoid certain poisonous undersea creatures and objects to keep up your shark health.

The main goal of this game is to survive undersea without starving yourself. If you can do both you are able to earn cash and life points that unlock bigger and powerful sharks in a progressive way. This version is hungry shark evolution and the focus is on eating big and growing big. Each time you complete a session you get a chance to increase the power of shark bite, speed and also boost, this is what you call the evolution.

What’s more? It is not only the sharks that get unlocked, but there are also other accessories such as weapons, usable tools and even companion creatures as your entourage. There is another special section called special sharks and this unravels some mysteriously exotic and unique sea creatures that are not visible among the ones you usually play with. They are an interesting species to interact with.

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GamePlay ScreenShots

hungry shark game play screen shots

Hungry Shark’s UI is very precise and simple, enabling smooth gameplay on capable devices. The game uses 3d animation to breathe life into the entire play and the realism is at a higher level compared to other games of a similar kind. Visuals are appealing in the sense that the underwater simulations of aquatic life materialize as lively and realistic.

The Game also consists of appreciable auditory design imitating the sounds of nature. The game comes with a cloud save feature integrated into the framework so that you can save progress safely and securely.

On the main menu, you get stats where your accomplishments are duly displayed. Your best achievements are recorded here and they include facts such as highest score, best survival time, longest swim, most coins, most eats, highest jump, and most items. These can be compared with global leaderboards by connecting online. Below the stats button, you get the help button where you have all the essential tips in playing this game.

At the very beginning, the shark you get is small in size and you need to play as this shark and keep progressing through different missions and collecting points. The challenge is that you get formidable enemies even if you grow big in size, your enemies under the sea are also generated by the game to match your size and this is a co-occurrence. You need to dodge the hostile creatures and evade them strategically till you get the best chance to attack them.

The beauty of this game is its diversity, the game presents something beyond the natural oceanic ambiance while at the same time retaining a degree of authenticity. The diversity is present in different aquatic creatures and also other strange living or nonliving objects under the sea. The under-sea items also comprise of the treasure chest, submarines, and even something bizarre as a guitar.

Apart from surviving and munching on prey, you are required to collect such items in order to unlock rewards. There is a map containing secret locations that you need to explore. The scope of this game is huge and you have plenty of game time to spend on.

Hungry Shark is, in fact, an addictive game and there is a universe of things to expect for all the marine-related gamers throughout the world. Tons of sharks with different capacities take the game to the next level. And you as the gamer is responsible to play true to the spirit of the hungry shark evolution. Following is a list of sharks and their descriptions and what you need to do to unlock them. All other information is provided below.

Hungry Shark Evolution Shark List

Reef Shark

hungry shark evolution - Reef Shark

Reef Shark is the first shark of the game. Compared to other sharks this one is small in size and has a small diet, health and boost traits. Although these are some limitations the reef shark is able to last longer under the water with its extremely low health drain. This shark is able to stay alive longer than a Megalodon.

Mako Shark

hungry shark evolution - Mako Shark

The second shark of the game, this fish consists of a higher diet level, considerably low health drain. It is more powerful than the Reef shark. You need 1,500 coins and 20 gems to unlock this shark.

Hammerhead Shark

hungry shark evolution - Hammerhead Shark

Hammerhead shark is better in terms of some good health, health drain and better boost. It also has a medium diet and is fairly decent compared to Reef Shark and Mako Shark because of the enhanced characteristics. You require 6,000 coins and 60 gems to unlock this shark.

Tiger Shark

hungry shark evolution - Tiger Shark

The tiger shark is suitable for dangerous prey. It can handle pufferfish even when they are ballooned. It is capable of roaming in deep waters, and also contains enhanced health which is markedly better than the hammerhead shark. You have to get 15000 coins and 200 gems to unlock this shark.

Great White Shark

hungry shark evolution - Great White Shark

If you compare this one with the previous ones then surely it emerges victorious in terms of better diet including blue jellyfish and Enemy Great Whites. Great White Shark is considered the best shark out of all the 5 entry level sharks. To unlock this Shark you need 35000 coins and 300 gems.



A gigantic monster shark with a powerful feeding mechanism and the ability to crunch most prey. It can gobble up all jellyfish and normal to large mines. However, there is some prey like ultra-mines that it can’t handle. It comprises a large amount of health but its energy drains fast. To get Megalodon you need to accumulate 50,000 coins and 900 gems.

Big Daddy

Big Daddy

This shark comes as one of the most powerful in the game. It can prey on almost everything including mini-subs and ultra-mines. It possesses very high health but the drain level is very fast too. This gigantic creature can be unlocked for 150000 coins, 900 gems.

Mr. Snappy

Mr. Snappy

He can munch on everything except toxic cans, volcano jets, enemy Alans, Enemy Moby Dicks, and enemy Leos. It has the third-largest health and it’s very fast. It’s an enormous level of health is limited with a very, very fast drain. Obtain 250,000 coins and 900 gems to unlock Mr. Snappy

Alan, Destroyer of Worlds

Alan, Destroyer of Worlds

In the game, Alan is the fifth strongest shark with a massive health bar. It can also use its tail to paralyze prey. Get 350000 coins and 900 gems to get Alan.

Moby Dick

 Moby Dick

This legendary shark is one of the most iconic and powerful sharks/whales in the game. Unlocking this creature is only possible for a massive amount of 400,000 coins and 900 gems.


hungry shark  - Leo(Liopleuroden)

This shark rank as the third most recent and powerful shark. It can dismantle rocks and eat mini-subs. Have 500000 coins and 900 gems in possession to unlock Leo.

Nessie (Plesiosaur)

hungry shark evolution - Nessie (Plesiosaur)

The monster escaped the Loch Ness through a magic portal, Nessie is real and starving. Have 500000 coins and 900 gems in possession to unlock Nessie.

Sharkjira(Kaiju Shark)

hungry shark evolution - Sharkjira(Kaiju Shark)

Sharkjira- chan can terrorize its prey both on the surface and deep undersea. It stomps on its victims pitilessly and attacks them with its atomic breath! This shark is so powerful and you find this one at the end of the shark lineup. Its specifications are so high and it’s a treat to play this fish as its capable of some very serious damage on lives and property. Have 500000 coins and 900 gems in possession to unlock Sharkjira.

Apart from the above major sharks, there are some other unique sets of sharks in the game and you have to achieve 350,000 points to unlock them. To do this, you need to unlock the top-secret lab of Professor Kempstein.

Hungry Shark Evolution Special Sharks

Electro Shark

hungry shark  - Electro Shark

This Shark’s diet is similar to that of Great White Shark except for enemy ice sharks. The low capacity boost bar is a negative attribute though. When this shark is in the boost process, it can electrocute prey around, stunning them and granting you double points. To unlock electro shark you need 25000 coins and 250 gems.

Ice Shark

hungry shark - Ice Shark

Ice shark’s diet resembles that of Great White Shark, however, this shark tends to slow down when boosting. The striking feature of Ice shark is its ability to freeze nearby prey and slow them down. Frozen prey gives 2x points Have 75000 coins and 450 gems to get this one.

Robo Shark

hungry shark evolution - Robo Shark

Although powerful, the Robo shark has its limitations such as the inability to boost in water, inability consume Ultra mines and boats. Robo shark is invulnerable against small mines and it can absorb their power and use them as ammunition to fire at the prey and kill. However, it is not capable of eating such prey in a normal way like enemy Big Daddy. It is the first non-animal shark in the game(It is a robot). Get 180000 coins and 900 gems to unlock Robo Shark.

Pyro Shark

hungry shark evolution - Pyro Shark

Pyro is a shark with great power. It nourishes on a mixed diet. It owns 3 distinct abilities – Dragon Breath which you achieve by boosting( Fire causes erratic movement, and explode them which feeds you. Eat for extra points) Flight which is equal to Robo Shark. The third ability is causing meteor storm( This happens during the gold rush, blows food up and feeds you. Can kill bigger prey). Achieve 180000 coins and 900 gems to unlock Pyro Shark.

Natasha the Narwhal

Natasha the Narwhal

compared to other sharks she is the weakest of the Top secret lab sharks. Contrasting to her capacity as a shark, she is very expensive. Her notable ability is to fire javelins with an extremely small boost. Have 180000 coins and 900 gems to own her.

Ghost Shark

hungry shark evolution - Ghost Shark

This one emerges as probably the most capable and priciest Top Secret Lab Shark. He is indestructible (except while in the Ghoul Rush). It can perform teleportation through walls when boosting). Reach 200000 coins and 900 gems to enjoy this one.


hungry shark evolution - Sharkeleon

Sharkeleon is a remarkable creature with many special traits. In its default stage, it can stick its tongue out or become stealthy/invisible to avoid the impact of enemy attacks. It is fully capable of hunting enemy counterparts such as Electro, Ice, and Pyro sharks simultaneously. You need 180000 coins plus 900 gems to unlock this remarkable shark.


hungry shark - Wereshark

This shark is a hybrid version of a shark and a wolf. Every night, this beast of a shark transforms into its night form and becomes even more powerful. With an enviable set of special powers, this shark remains the most powerful creature alongside Ghost shark in professor Kempstein’s lab. Have 180000 coins and 900 gems get this shark.

Note : All regular sharks and few special sharks have baby versions.

Apart from these sharks, there are accessories such as wearable items and weapons that can be purchased in-game. You can use weapons such as laser guns and torpedoes to destroy your enemies progress through the levels. Some of the notable weapons are listed below for your reference.

Hungry Shark Evolution Accessories, Weapons and Extra Creatures.

  • Baseball cap – 250 Coins                                                                   
  • Flat Cap – 1200 coins
  • Punk Wig – 1000 coins
  • Cowboy Hat – 2000 coins
  • Sombrero – 5000 coins
  • Skipper Hat – 6000 coins
  • Moustache – 20 Gems
  • FGOLD Chain – 5 Gems
  • Necklace – 450 coins
  • Bow tie – 750 coins
  • Bone piercing – 2500 coins
  • Price Tag – 950 coins
  • Paddy Hat – 1000 coins
  • Uncle Sam Hat
  • Jira Smash
  • Missile Launcher
  • Jetpack
  • Cloaking device
  • Titanic Ticket
  • Assassin Shark
  • Baby Pirate
  • Nancy
  • Pyro Baby
  • Electro Baby
  • Alien Baby
  • Robo Baby
  • Astronaut Baby
  • FEZ
  • Top Hat
  • Crown
  • Eye Patch
  • Dog Collar
  • Diamond Ring
  • Safety Pin
  • Bunny Ears
  • Witch Hat
  • Santa Hat
  • Nuclear threat
  • Laser
  • Shark Vortex
  • Firework
  • Jira-Chan
  • Mariachi Baby
  • Lava Baby
  • King Baby
  • Zephyr Baby
  • Monocle
  • Gold Ring
  • Blood Bath
  • Basic Map
  • Mission Map
  • Treasure Map
  • Shark Signal
  • Shark Signal 2
  • Shark Signal 3

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