Subway Surfers

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Subway Surfers download – Gaming on mobile has never been so exciting and delightful as it is now. The reason is the endless creativity of game developers and the number of games released. If you visit all popular App stores you will see them brimming with fresh games every day. These games manifest a variety that most clients yearn for. Just look at the categorization of these games, they cover every imaginable thematic concept. Games for our own fantasies which we wouldn’t believe real unless we didn’t own a smartphone. It is the concept of creation that matters, and here we present a fantastic game. The best part is that it is a modded version with unlocked assets such as infinite money and keys. Before we talk about the interesting stuff let’s give the game a proper introduction.

Subway Surfers

Subway surfers belong to the branch of endless runner mobile gaming. It is co-developed by Kiloo and SYBO Games, both are private companies based in Denmark. You can have surfers on Android, iOS, Kindle, and Windows mobile platforms. It is powered by the unity game engine. When a player is in the game he assumes the role of young graffiti artists. They are caught red-handed in the act of drawing graffiti in a metro-railway site.

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Now they are escaping from the location as the inspector and the dog is chasing them. The player has to run fast whilst snatching gold coins, power-ups, and other stuff. Now catching them is not the only challenge, the player needs to dodge various objects on the way to resist collision. These objects can be trains and other materials that appear in their run to freedom.

The player can jump on top of the trains and move on hoverboards to avoid capture. The game only ends when the character gets knocked down by an obstruction or getting caught by the inspector. There is a reward system that activates special events such as weekly hunt. They may be the bonus gifts for the player.

Gameplay Screenshots

subway surfers gameplay

Game History

Subway surfers debuted on 24 May 2012 with updates targeting seasonal holidays. “World Tour” theme has been the basis for updates. It renews the backdrop of the game every three weeks. In 2017 Subway surfers achieved its major milestone as the most downloaded game in the world. This accomplishment gave way to another in March 2018. Not pausing in its fast progress, subway surfers became the first game to cross the one billion downloads threshold. Then it went on to surpass two billion downloads in May 2018. That’s not all, on the apple store it scored a hot spot as the #2 most downloaded game of all time. Furthermore, the developers introduced the Subway Surfers animated series and SUBSURF lifestyle brand. To put things on perspective, it is the most downloaded mobile game from 2012 to 2019.

What is the hype?

Subway surfers follow a simple and repetitive action loop. All you have to do is run, avoid obstructions and progress. The game begins with a tap on the touchscreen. It presents Jake who sprays graffiti on a train but gets caught in the act by the inspector. He takes to chase Jake and the game flows through with various alterations. Running along the rail tracks you can swipe up, down, left, right to avoid crashing into oncoming stumbling blocks. All such obstacles vary to break gameplay monotony by presenting trains, poles, tunnel walls, and barriers.

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If you want to increase the speed all you got to do is to swipe rapidly. This increases speed as well as points.  Getting knocked out by an obstacle will terminate the play. You may resume the play by using keys. The player can hoard items like coins, keys, score multipliers, super sneakers, jetpacks, magnets, mystery boxes, and power jumpers. A power jumper is capable of providing combustion by launching up the character. A jetpack will give you wings to fly, a coin magnet can attract all coins on the track. Super sneakers facilitate you with the ability to jump higher and score a multiplier. Items such as a hoverboard defend you against collisions which last about 30 seconds.

Subway surfers is never deficient in supplying players with plenty of pleasant surprises. The daily challenges and weekly hunts provide rewards for unique movements throughout the gameplay.

Missions flourish with diverse tasks and such tests are evaluated in terms of player accuracy. Assets like coins and keys, specific items, in-game purchases can unlock up to 18 characters. You can also unlock them by connecting to a Facebook account where relevant. Most characters possess a maximum of two different outfits. At the same time, around 17 hoverboards can be unlocked with the same methods. These locomotive equipment serve players with different abilities. When the game updates to a new location, a new character and hoverboard will be available temporarily until the next update.

Game Reception

Subway surfers is a successful franchise that has scored its due credit in many departments. It generated positive reviews from critics. It was complimented for the appealing visual style and immersive gameplay. However, it came under criticism for the monotonous world and unresponsive controls. Metacritic gave Subway surfer 71 out of 100 based on 8 reviews. The monotony and control system will not spoil the player’s experience. These supposed negatives are counterbalanced with the many positives of the game. Overall subway surfer is brilliant as it is addictive.


Subway surfers is a game that has reached such great heights with a simple storyline. To be honest, it is not fair to state subway surfers have a storyline. Even without a plotline, it has been able to beat many other games that are enriched with a story. The download rate is a fine indicator of the user attraction to this game. Over the years it has been optimized to deliver the best gaming experience. The surfing in the subway dodging the obstacles is your only task. If you can do it right you will be the winner. And the game is endless, as new versions replace your old achievements. AC Market presents you with the ultimate money and key mod with no need for a separate installation. Just download the game for free and enjoy it.

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