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Latest non-root apk version free download for Android Mobiles and Tabs

If you want to enjoy your favorite YouTube videos free from nagging advertisements and your default YouTube client app doesn’t let you enjoy YouTube music and audio in the background then the Vanced app is an exceptional choice for your interests. YouTube Vanced is developed for those who love customized versions of stock apps like YouTube.

Watch your favorite Videos and Channels without Ads

YouTube Vanced

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YouTube vanced

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This app was initially introduced as iYTBP with its initial release and later team Vanced who took over the project rebranded it after further enhancements. This app is known to work on rooted devices, however, it is now programmed to run on non-rooted devices.

The most appreciable trait of this app is the fact that it frees you from persistent and annoying YouTube ads that interrupt your video viewing experience. The non-premium version of YouTube is advertisement-supported in return for the video streaming facilities it renders.

YouTube Vanced is customized in a way that interferences from these ads are eliminated. For instance, by using the Vanced app in place of your stock YouTube app, you will be able to get rid of annoying ads that display at the very beginning of a particular video and also the ones that appear in the middle of the video.

Apart from this striking facility, the Vanced app offers other features like Background playback service. Through this option, you are able to close the YouTube app or minimize it and enjoy audio in the background. Normally, the YouTube app doesn’t allow background play and you need to stick to the screen even if you do not want to watch the visuals of a particular music video. YouTube Vanced here comes to the rescue by offering you a background playback feature.

There are two versions of YouTube Vanced; one requires root and other doesn’t. We present to you the Vanced apk. Download from our ACMarket site.

Full Features of YouTubeVanced (Black Theme)

  • Developed for Non-root devices.
  • You can use the Vanced app along with official YouTube, it may act as the alternative YouTube app.
  • Compatible with Chromecast.
  • Unique adblocking mechanism.
  • Background play is enabled through a simplified mod.
  • Toggle background playback on and off via settings.
  • VP9 codec option can be forced for superior video quality and low bandwidth usage(Settings-> IYTBP Settings).
  • Alter Max Resolution Level(Settings->IYTBP Settings).
  • Switch to your favorite video quality(Wi-Fi/Data) (Settings->IYTBP Settings).
  • Info cards on videos can be activated or deactivated(Settings->IYTBP Settings).
  • Turn on/Off Suggestions cards on videos(Settings->IYTBP Settings.
  • Channel Branding watermark on videos can be enabled or disabled(Settings->IYTBP Settings).
  • Pinch to zoom enabled on all devices.
  • With the assistance of modded microG, Login & Casting works with all features (no ads on external devices not guaranteed.

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